Gobsmacked is a British term.  Your gob is your mouth.  I think the idea is that you wouldn’t be any more surprised if someone randomly smacked you in the mouth.  That’s how I am right now, as my life has taken an unexpected turn.  Other people are gobsmacked as they hear about it.

It is the fact that I am starting the process of entering the Catholic Church.  For many years I would have thought there was an equal probability that I might sprout wings and start laying eggs.  But this is the next step in a process over 20 years long.  I plan to go into detail about how I got here in upcoming posts.

I really haven’t had any motivation to blog for the past few years, but it has suddenly become useful for me again; partly to chronicle my own thoughts and discoveries and partly because I have friends and family who will now think that I have some explaining to do!  And so I will try to explain.  More to come.


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