Textbooks distort history

Jesus was a Palestinian…

[The Koran is] the “Holy Book of Islam containing revelations received by Muhammad from God”…

What’s this?  Palestinian TV?  Wahhabi texts for Muslims in American prisons?  Nope.  American public school textbooks.

But Ybarra said it goes deeper than pure economics. He thinks the school books are being used as tools for propaganda, particularly to perpetuate negative attitudes towards Christianity, Israel and pro-Palestinian views concerning the Middle East.

“We fear that this is creating a generation of biased school children,” he said. “Some of our projects in the higher education realm with some of these same subject matters, we find that students do show up at universities with these prejudices.”

via FOXNews.com – Authors Warn That Many Textbooks Distort Religion – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News.

Our 12 year old’s History & Geography class has been spending a lot of time this year “learning” about the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Learning things like moral equivalence between those who deliberately target schools for rocket attacks and those who accidentally kill civilians while trying to get at those who hide behind them.  Learning things like Israel’s need to give up the strategic  Golan heights because peace will come through trusting the good intentions of the Assad regime in Syria.

What they did not learn though is any history of the region prior to 1948 when Westerners in control of the Holy Land (How did they get there?  Who knows?)  stole productive  land from enlightened Arabs and gave it to some displaced Europeans who call themselves Jews.  Nope, no propaganda there…


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