Dogmatism to be ratcheted up

Duncan told the National Science Teachers Association during a visit to New Orleans that the U.S. needs more science and math teachers, and — in a veiled criticism of the Bush administration — rejected political influence on scientific research.

via Secretary Duncan eyes ‘new era’ in science education –

Right.  Because the last eight years, schools have been teaching creationism and burning witches, right?  Of course not.  Even the most watered-down attempts to merely get kids to exercise critical thinking about the unscientific denial of a Creator (i.e. science abused in the service of ideology) have been slapped down in the courts.   Never mind that purely materialistic evolution has been the only position allowed in classrooms for decades!  There are still some recalcitrants out there who don’t buy it.  You know: those troglodytes who aren’t fooled by Eugenie Scott’s calm assurances that “religion and science are separate spheres of enquiry” when it is the current teaching in science classrooms that all life arose though purely accidental means, a de facto denial of a Creator.

Here’s a suggestion.  Rather than spending yet more money to cram philosophical materialism even more forcefully down kids’ throats, why not start modeling the sort of inquisitiveness and tolerance of dissent that is more approapriate to scientists than medieval Inquisitors?  It’s not the creationists  or IDers whose ideology is stunting scientific education; they aren’t even allowed in the door.  That’s mere blame-shifting by those who have long had a taxpayer-funded monopoly on the discussion.


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