Some thanks

He says he was shocked when a job-placement worker told him that some employers consider a military record almost like having “a felony.”

“People just frown upon us nowadays, thinking we’re all flying-off-the-handle crazy guys,” says Pearson, who has a bachelor’s degree in business management. “They don’t even give us a chance.”

via Jobless rate at 11.2% for veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan –

Years of calling military members things like “baby killer” had to have some effect.  Troops don’t set policy; they follow orders.  But in the unhinged, irresponsible rhetoric of the far left, we don’t separate military service from the policies of George W. Bush.  That’s how college campuses ban ROTC or military recruiters, people make movies portraying soldiers as mindless killers or sociopaths, and service members are treated as pariahs when they return home from risking their lives.

Yet more evidence that less people believe in pluralism or respect those they disagree with.


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