The real wave of hate crimes not on the radar

House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer argued that [hate] crimes “terrorize entire segments of our population and tear at our nation’s social fabric.”

via U.S. House votes to expand ‘hate crimes’ laws.

Riiiight.  So where are the multitudes of incidents of crimes against people because they are somewhere in the LGBT spectrum?  Oh I know, there is Matthew Shepard.  But that’s a questionable example of a hate crime no matter how many times we are told it was one.  And the fact that he is referenced so often strongly implies that it was the exception rather than the rule; apparently there have been no further cases that can be spun as hate crimes in the years following.  Until this, but as sad as the death of the teen was, it seems more a result of dishonesty by both parties, and you can’t outlaw dishonesty.  (Well, I doubt Congress can anyway.)

On the other hand, there has indeed been a wave of hate-fuelled violence across the US, but one that has mostly escaped the notice of Washington and the national media.  The wave is one of arson and vandalism of churches.  It has been going on for several years and is widespread.  Searching the Web for mentions of this in the national media is difficult, although stories in local media are abundant.  The evidence is ample, but our media watchdogs aren’t connecting the many, many dots.  Perhaps that would violate their meme which has it that Christians are the perpetrators of intolerance, not the victims of it.

As more recent examples, there was quite a rash or church burnings and vandalism in nearby Lewiston, Idaho.  (Strangely, although local media covered the story at the time, the stories now appear to be missing from their Web sites.)  And the arsonist of Sarah Palin’s church was apparently seeking a body count.  Apparently the guardians of tolerance and diversity don’t see a problem here.

Personally, I am now an outcast at work because I gave the wrong answer to the question, “Do you support gay marriage?”  More and more I’m coming to the conclusion that “tolerance and diversity” are not things the secular left actually believes in; it seems they merely invoked those things while they lacked the political power to criminalize dissent.  No need to claim slippery slopes; this is in fact what has happened in Canada and Western Europe.  The US is just a few years behind.

I see something even more sinister at work than the possible prosecution of Christians for confessing what God says about same-sex relationships.  The push for gay marriage and protecting gays from “hate crimes” like people failing to endorse their lifestyles also seems to be part of a broader push away from democratic pluralism and the British tradition of the rule of law and toward a more French-style polity in which the government decides what rights to give to the citizens.  And what the government gives it can take away, which is why the French version resulted in a Reign of Terror while the American Revolution, which appealed to inalienable rights conferred by the Creator, did not.

As I told a coworker, I think it’s foolish for the LGBT minority to make “political might makes right” their argument, because it could well turn against them, especially if they succeed in divorcing these issues from any regard for a transcendant Creator who is the source of morality.   But the majority, as usual, is more occupied with American Idol than with the principles that underlie a civil society and how they might be undermined.


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