Christians, Eeeww!

So I am sitting in the break room at work today eating my lunch.  There are two coworkers also there, and the TV is on.  There is a commercial for a dating site, which prompts the following dialogue out of the blue:

First coworker:  Dating sites!  There are all these dating sites.  There is even a dating site for Christians.  Christians think they are better than other people, but they aren’t.

Second coworker:  They are actually the worst.

First coworker:  And the popes!  Eeewww…!!!

I could have said something to them.  I could have complained to management that I felt excluded or something.  Such complaints are a handy excuse these days for shutting some people up and/or sending them to mandatory re-“education”.  But I still believe in free speech, even if some don’t.  I think offendedness is too eagerly and too often used as an excuse for eroding people’s rights.  I will not help that pernicious process.  But it makes me wonder what sort of tribalistic bubble my coworkers live in that they automatically assume that someone they don’t really know (i.e. me) wouldn’t find their bigotry objectionable.  And I can’t help adding this to the long list of instances where those who talk as if tolerance and diversity as the only moral absolutes show that they do not truly believe in those things.  And that is a problem.


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